MAY 2024

MAY 2024

MAY 2024

MAY 2024

February 2024 UPDATE.

So we're here still here in 2024. In November we celebrate out 5th anniversary as a label. This year we celebrated our 1 year anniversary with a store front at GOODS ON ORANGE, right here in Cal Heights in Long Beach, CA. It you have'nt stopped by, its pretty cool what we've been able to do with such a small space. There's 30+ vendors so theres something for everyone. Stop by sometime at 3414 Orange Ave. Long Beach CA. Follow GOODS ON ORANGE on IG for hours, directions, and updated events.

We have some awesome things coming up. So here's the scoop.

First up. SLAUGHTER BOYS are back at it and are hitting the road soon. A tour in Mexico this spring and are hitting the studio as we speak. Go check out their Instagram or bandcamp for up to date information.

We are proud to announce that we are co-releasing the new INSTANT RUIN 7" debut release with NO TIME RECORDS. (IR) features Brad Logan (F-Minus, Adolescents) and Gabba (Chaos UK). Its the perfect marriage of synth and chaos. Be on the lookout for updated information coming soon.

We are also pleased to announce the upcoming debut release of San Diego's MISTRESS 77 full length LP. Powerful Punk Rooted Rock N Roll from seasoned veterens of the SD scene. Features members of NO KNIFE and LUCY'S FUR COAT. Limited run of 300 coming soon.

In full disclosure about 9 months ago I had a catastrophic computer failure and lost most of the first 3 years of Label stuff, including almost all the art work, photos and scans of just about everything, including at the time, the finalized and ready to print -long, long awaited HIDDYS release. I have officially started redoing all the scans and layouts to finally bring this bad boy to fruition. More information coming soon.

Another Bucket List release is also in the works is in the works for an end of year, should things go right. And I am without words on how excited I am that I get to be part of this. So, in the end I must offer my appreciation and gratitude to everyone that supports this label and its artists. Your support helps power and fund this venture. I cannot thank you enough. - Richie

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