The Weaklings ‎– Rock-N-Roll Owes Me 12" LP

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The Weaklings ‎– Rock-N-Roll Owes Me

Dead Beat Records (2) ‎– DB 50
Vinyl, LP, Album


B5 is a vinyl-only bonus track, the CD version was released on Wax Vaccine records.


Weaklings- Rock N Roll Owes Me CD. The backbone of Portland’s fierce rock n roll scene has always been the Weaklings. Their 'Never Say Die' attitude and dedication to the road has cost them many members over the years, but has also earned them a rabid loyal fan base along the way. A fan base that has helped earn the Weaklings a slot as one of the best and wildest bands in the underground rock n roll scene. Well here is their latest offering. 11 songs of raw brash, sleazy rock n roll. Whereas the Weaklings began as more of a loud fast punk band in ’95, they have evolved into a sleazy dirty raunchy rock outfit. The songs on ‘’Rock N Roll Owes Me’ have more swagger and verve than their earlier blast ya fast approach. Along with Bradley's signature tales of alcohol addled mischief you also get Rhemrev’s catchy Heartbreakers/ AC/DC / Rolling Stones guitar work to add to their new amped up and sexed out approach. One of Portland’s most legendary acts, still going strong!