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Overcharge ‎– Accelerate 12" LP

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Overcharge (3) ‎– Accelerate

Dead Beat Records (2) ‎– DB 116
Vinyl, LP, Album


A1 Accelerate
A2 Dirt
A3 As If There Were No Tomorrow
A4 Nothing On The Way
A5 Drown In Your Own
B1 No Law
B2 Leave Behind
B3 Water Of Fire
B4 No Where To Go
B5 Don't Waste A Breath


Overcharge- Accelerate LP.  Iron fist Rock N Roll reigns supreme on OVERCHARGE's debut.  'Accelerate' hits hard with a bludgeoning, blur of roaring riffs forged in the fiery ashes of proto-Metal, Punk Rock and Thrash.  A brutally devastating concoction steeped in anger, drenched in distortion and brimming with an aggro onslaught of ear-shatteringly awesome tunes.  OVERCHARGE's music has a nice pounding, trebbley low-end rumble that's really hammered home by the crisp, beefy production that accentuates the punishingly-brutal, guitar solos that interweave themselves through each and every song.   Burly fuckin' riffs for days on this record that spews an unrelenting whiplash of Punk-inflected Metal painting a grim, bleak picture across 10 finely crafted anti-hits. Raw, guttural power and skull-crushing Rock N Roll never sounded so good.  Fans of  The Hookers, Nashville Pussy, Motorhead, Entombed or Midnight will be all over this.  Fuckin' killer debut.